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Information about Ocracoke Island, NC; Information about living on Ocracoke–a barrier island off the North Carolina coast in Hyde County

Time to check smoke detectors

Daylight savings time begins Sunday, March 8.  When you spring your clock settings forward please take the time to check your smoke detectors and change...

Ocracoke fishing: expectations for every month

By Ken DeBarth It is spring again. Another fishing season begins. We all look forward to any new year with expectations. This will be the...

OBX Community Foundation awards Ocracoke nonprofits disaster recovery grants

The Outer Banks Community Foundation in Southern Shores has awarded over $70,000 in Rapid Response Grants to nonprofits that are leading disaster relief efforts...

Use the appropriate yardstick

May 2014 By BJ Oelschlegel In the business of real es­tate, the listing contract cre­ates the opportunity for a homeowner to sell their property through the...

Donations sought for British Cemetery Ceremony

The British Cemetery ceremony and reception, scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday, May 10, is seeking donations to help with landscaping the grave sites and...

Ocracoke is rated No. 2 American beach

To catch up on Ocracoke news, click here In 2007, Ocracoke's Lifeguard Beach made a big splash, so to speak. That year, Dr. Beach listed Ocracoke...

Ocracoke’s water plant: turning salt water to fresh

September 2015 By Anmargaret Warner On Ocracoke, most homes have “city water,” but on an island 23 miles away from the mainland, what does that mean? Most...

Allergy season approaches

By TL Grace West Have you seen a cloud of what looks like smoke on a windy day and wondered where the fire was?...