Birds of Ocracoke: The Blue Jay

Text and photos by Peter Vankevich It can be surprising that some bird species, which are common and easily seen on the mainland of North...

Snowy Owl visits Ocracoke briefly

Note: If anyone is fortunate enough to see a Snowy Owl, be sure to keep a safe distance so that it is not disturbed. By...

Red Knots and Northern Gannets highlight the Ocracoke Christmas Bird Count

This story has been updated, Jan. 26 By Connie Leinbach and Peter Vankevich The hunt was on for all kinds of birds on Ocracoke as dozens...

The five sea turtles of the Outer Banks

This is a supplement to an earlier feature on the nesting success of sea turtles. By Peter Vankevich Worldwide, there are only seven species of...

Birds of Ocracoke: American Oystercatcher

By Peter Vankevich If there were a betting popularity contest for the birds of Ocracoke, Las Vegas might place the American Oystercatcher as a...

The weary diamondback terrapin’s latest foe: Phragmites

throughout much of the Outer Banks, faces another foe: Phragmites

Be on the lookout for cold-stunned turtles this winter

The ocean and sound waters surrounding the Outer Banks play host to wintering sea turtles, especially young green turtles and Kemp’s ridley. Sea turtles...

Christmas bird counts set for Ocracoke and Portsmouth

Following tradition, the Ocracoke and Portsmouth Island Christmas Bird Counts will be held on the last days of the year, with Portsmouth on Dec. 30 and Ocracoke on Dec. 31, 2021.

Birds of Ocracoke: summer nesting successes, rare fall bird sightings

By Peter Vankevich The Ocracoke and Portsmouth Christmas Bird Counts will be on Dec. 30 and 31. Those wishing to participate should contact the...

Loggerheads and other nesters do well with a little help from...

This story has been updated By Peter Vankevich As the 2021 sea turtle nesting season winds down, it turns out to be a very good year...