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Evening on Silver Lake harbor, Ocracoke, two days before Hurricane Dorian hit. Photo: C. Leinbach

Local classified ads (from Ocracoke Island residents, property owners and workers) are printed free of charge.  Please send your classifieds to info@ocracokeobserver.com.  All other ads charged a nominal fee. Send inquiry to info@ocracokeobserver.com.

All ads will be screened and edited for punctuation and clarity.  Ads will stay posted for one month unless more time is requested. 


Ocracoke Heating, AC & Plumbing seeking full or part-time help. Call 252-928-7661.

Landmark Building & Design is looking for skilled finish carpenters. $20-$25/hour. Housing provided for off-island workers. Must have tax ID number. Call Tom Pahl: 860-933-0259.

G. E. Ely Construction, Inc. seeks carpenters or carpenter helpers. Call: 252-921-0106.