Public Notices on Ocracoke, N.C.

Area on Ocracoke Island, N.C., for proposed new drainage culvert.

Area on Ocracoke Island for proposed new drainage culvert.

The Ocracoke Mosquito Control Board issues the following NEW Request for Proposals by March 15, 2018, for drainage improvements near the lighthouse at Sarah Ellen Drive and the intersection of Creek Rd. and Silver Lake Drive, including:

  • 1: The installation of a culvert (#1) across Sarah Ellen Drive from the marsh adjoining the property of Dave Frum to the drainage ditch running along the McDermott property;
  • 2: Removing excess sediment and growth to clear/improve the flow of the drainage ditch running along the McDermott property;
  • 3: Ensuring the culvert (#2) under Silver Lake Drive from the ditch along the McDermott property to Silver Lake is free-flowing, free of debris/obstacles; and uncompromised; and
  • 4: Constructing a small drainage ditch from the in-bound end of culvert #2 to an area at the corner of Silver Lake Drive and Creek Road to which NCDOT could connect boxes and grates and a culvert under Creek Road to drain the standing puddle on this corner.

Bidders can request a site visit with OMCB Members prior to submitting a bud. Successful bidders will be required to conduct a site walk before initiating activity with OMCB Members to confirm the intended scope of work. Successful bidders will also be required to secure permission from affected property owners in the name of the OMCB. In addition, the bidder shall coordinate with NCDOT for its installation of boxes and grates in the roadway as appropriate.

The OMCB will select what it considers to be the best, and not necessarily the lowest, bid. The bidder shall have or obtain all necessary insurances, licenses, and permits to complete the work in compliance with applicable Hyde County, North Carolina and Federal law. The bidder shall coordinate with affected landowners before and during any work performed and return property to an “As-Was” condition. The bidder shall coordinate with NCDOT to facilitate the connection of in-road boxes and grates to culverts. The bid should include all material, labor and other expenditures.

Submission should be post-marked by March 15, 2018, and sent to Ocracoke Mosquito Control Board P.O. Box 312, Ocracoke, NC 27960.