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Ocracoke inspires books of all kinds

By Connie Leinbach A place with a spectacular landscape and colorful history is bound to attract writers of all stripes and Ocracoke certainly does that. During...

N.C. Ferry System seeks photos for photo contest

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Ferry System is holding a summertime photo contest to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. The contest will run through Thursday, Sept. 22....

Beware of summer dangers for dogs

Summer heat is upon us and Ocracoke Island veterinarian Dr. Laura Trent offers the following advice regarding dogs visiting Ocracoke. Beach hazards:Hot sand and hot...

Save Ocracoke’s fig trees

By Chester Lynn This spring, as I was taking a scud around the island, I was looking over the Ocracoke fig trees that were sprouting....

General Island Information

Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree slated for Oct. 28 & 29

Ocracoke Island will celebrate colonial life in the 1700s with a living history encampment and the Battle of Ocracoke on Friday, Oct. 28, and...

Beach manners: A matter of etiquette and the law

The Outer Banks and Ocracoke are fortunate that driving on the beach is allowed. However, there are some things to observe while doing so....

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Tern. P. Vankevich

South Point. Photo: C. Leinbach


The August 2022 issue

The Ocracoke Observer website won first place in the 2020 NCPA contest Online Division, plus four other awards. Winner of 10 awards for 2019, including first place for breaking news coverage of Hurricane Dorian.

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