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Coastal Land Trust purchases final parcel of Ocracoke’s storied Springer’s Point

The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust recently completed the purchase of 8.63 acres at the entrance to the Springer’s Point Preserve here, describing the...

Birds of Ocracoke: The Osprey

Text by Peter VankevichPhotos by Hal Broadfoot and Peter Vankevich Time for a much-needed spectacular avian comeback story. The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is the only bird...

Not all anniversaries are joyous

We don’t like to continually write doom and gloom editorials, but September this year contains two major anniversaries that may cause angst in many...

The truth about Blackbeard’s Flag

Editor's note: Blackbeard's Pirate Jamboree will be held on Ocracoke Oct. 29 & 30. See story here. By Kevin P. Duffus © 2021 The popular Blackbeard...

General Island Information

Ocracoke Health Center to offer flu shot clinics starting Monday

Esta información está en español y se imprime a continuación. The Ocracoke Health Center will hold several flu clinics for this year to help with...

New Ocracoke United Methodist minister arrives

By Peter Vankevich It was a beautiful Sunday morning just before 10 a.m., the Fourth of July. On the lawn outside the Ocracoke United Methodist Church...

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The October 2021 issue

The Ocracoke Observer website won first place in the 2020 NCPA contest Online Division, plus four other awards. Winner of 10 awards for 2019, including first place for breaking news coverage of Hurricane Dorian.

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