About Ocracoke Island, N.C.

Dramatic Ocracoke, NC, beach. Photo: C. Leinbach

DRAMATIC SKIES are frequent occurrences on Ocracoke beaches. Photo: C. Leinbach

We hope you enjoy your visit to our beautiful island, the last island on the Outer Banks, N.C.

As you will see, it’s very different from most any other shore point. Here are some suggestions for ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone:

The easiest mode of transportation around the village is by foot, bicycle or golf cart.

–The speed limit is 20 mph village-wide (except from Irvin Garrish Highway at the Variety Store and northwards).  “Village-wide” means ALL streets, including those heading to Oyster Creek, Jackson Dunes, etc.  Please drive slowly at all times.

The village streets are narrow and shared with cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, pedestrians, bicycles, skateboarders and golf carts, all of whom may suddenly lurch to avoid a puddle.

-Walk facing traffic.   That is, “walk left; bike right.”

-Never, ever pass anyone or anything on the right.

-Learn and follow the traffic laws for golf carts–especially that golf carts are not allowed beyond Howard’s Pub. Children must be 16 to drive golf carts and children under that age cannot sit on a parent’s lap and hold the wheel.

–If you are staying at a cottage, know your street name and house number should you need emergency assistance.

–Hyde County has an animal feces removal ordinance. Please pick up after your dog.  While there is no leash law, Hyde County has an ordinance against “vicious” dogs.

–Ocracoke cares about how the island looks and we recycle. Please do not toss your trash out of car window. Glass and metal recyclables (separated) can be taken to the dump.

–Driving on the beach requires a permit that can be purchased at the NPS Visitor Center on the southern end of the island across from the ferry docks.

–Public restrooms can be found at the NPS visitor center and the lifeguard beach. There also is a porta-potty in Community Square.

–Our restaurant workers have about eight months to earn a living and rely on receiving tips of at least 20 percent.  Please remember to tip your servers.

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on Ocracoke.

Want to see more of the Milky Way? Please turn out unnecessary outside lights at night. (This also will keep the bugs away.)

Shops and restaurants with parking for customers are located along Hwy 12, Back Road, British Cemetery Road and on Lighthouse Road. Please note that many have limited parking.

For more information about the village visit www.visitocracokeNC.com.

Ocracoke Village, NC

Ocracoke Village on Ocracoke Island, NC.