December 2010
Text and photo by Peter Vankevich


Sunset beach PS IMG_3800

What is spotted this month is not a curious artifact but an impressionistic mood. As Yogi Berra allegedly aid, this
is a season when it gets late early. A sense of serenity seems to overwhelm both the island and me. Outside the village, the island’s only road has a bit of traffic based around the Hatteras ferry schedule, but is mostly silent. The beach has far more sandpipers and gulls than people, and in late afternoon you may very well be the only person

there on a slow stroll. Off the breakers, dolphins and pelicans propel back and forth. Late afternoon as dusk  approaches, the appearance of the sky, clouds, and sun may change from one moment to another, often with spectacular shifting shades of gold and red. Accompanying this beauty is a real soundtrack of the irregular slow cadence of falling waves. With nature so crisp and vibrant, it is my favorite time on Ocracoke.

What a way to end the year.

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