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Guess the Gadget by Jim Borland

By Jim Borland

cheese cutter guess gadget

Welcome to “Guess the Gadget” a monthly reader participation series. Here’s how it works: First examine the photo of the monthly “Gadget” and guess what it appears to be.

You will find the answer under this photo but upside down. Lastly congratulate yourself on your cleverness or not.

We hope that this series will poke at your imagination and enhance your knowledge of historic and unusual objects no longer commonly used and raise appreciation of life as it used to be. Feel free to send photos of strange and unusual objects or gadgets for our review and possible presentation in future issues. Also, if our answer for “Guess the Gadget” is incomplete or inaccurate, please educate us.

“It’s summer again and peace and quiet are temporarily lost, but not gadgets, for this month, think old timey, like your great grandfathers day, and think Community Store on Ocracoke! That’s enough, turn the page over for answer. Jim Borland, the gadget guy”

Answer: “It’s a cheese cutter, used for many years at the Community Store.  The gadget guy Jim Borland is semi retired and has lived here fulltime with his wife since 2007. You can contact Jim at e-mail,


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