Angie Todd in front of Angie's Gym Health and wellness photo June 2013
Angie Todd in front of Angie’s Gym.

 June 2013
By TL Grace West

Do you have a fitness story? Why not be­gin or continue one while on Ocracoke? Many people I talked with who are enjoying the new gym on Ocracoke were motivated to­ward fitness for weight loss. And also for the pure joy of being active, and healthy: It’s the best preventive medicine I know. One woman said, “Don’t tell anyone, but I actually enjoy exercising now!”

Angie loves to tell her fitness story which began about nine years ago. When looking at some old pictures she couldn’t believe that overweight person real­ly was her. Now, a moth­er of a 6-year-old, she is not only fit, but also has a beautiful state-of-the-art gym in her backyard to share with her com­munity and Ocracoke guests. How did she do it?

Angie was inspired by Chalene Johnson, the creator of a pro­gram called “turbo jam” and decided to order her workout video. “Cha­lene changed my life,” she said. Angie started working out on her own, then asked a friend to join her, and after awhile a small group emerged and the momentum was in full swing.

Angie pursued her in­structor’s certification four years ago and began classes in different community spac­es: the fire hall, the school gym, the community center. Slowly the dream of having a fitness center grew into what you will find now on 141 Sand Dollar Rd. ready for its first full summer sea­son. Angie came to the is­land unaware of this mission. She worked at restaurants, as many of us do who first fall in love with the island, and de­cided to stay. Next, she worked in social services for the county until it was time for a change. Her practice, discipline and belief in the value of fitness guided her as she built her dream. Angie has numerous fitness Instructor certifica­tions and stays current with regular continuing education classes.

I enjoyed talking with high school students, elders and all ages in between who frequent Angie’s Gym to work out with the machines, weights and/or take classes. After a PiYo (Pilates yoga fusion) class, I talked with a man from Virginia Beach who said the class was “very challenging. I encourage ev­eryone, especially men to give it a try, it’s a great way to build both strength and flexibility.” Two very happy young women, a bit red-faced, came out of class saying, “The whole rest of the day will be better because of getting such a complete workout.” Ingeborg Frye, resident of the island, loves to come and workout with her daughters.   “It’s a great and healthy way to share time with family,” she said.

Angie makes it easy to come for a day, week, month, three months, six months or year with reasonable membership rates. Two of my new Spanish friends who I’ve gotten to know through the community 1:1 teaching Eng­lish/Spanish program were talking as they jogged on the treadmills side by side. They work out together several times a week.

Melissa Garrish Sharber, who re­cently ran the 5/10k race on the island, said, “I love the turbo kick class.” Leslie Lanier owner of Books to be Red said, “The name of the magic pill to lose weight is ex­ercise. If I can do it, you can too.” An older cou­ple dedicated to fitness used to travel to Frisco to work out in the gym there, and are delighted with Angie’s Gym right here on our island.

Amy Hilton owner of Deep Blue Day Spa and “Yoga with Amy” yoga said,  “Angie’s Gym is a dream come true. I love teaching yoga there: The class room has mirrors, is always spot­lessly clean, full of light and spacious.”

I teach tai chi/ chi gong classes and second Amy’s words. Henry Schliff teaches a gentle yoga class and says, “The quiet peaceful­ness of the space is conducive to deep relaxation.”

Angie is available to guide your per­sonal workout programs, and is a friendly presence to help you begin where ever you are and celebrate with you while you travel your road of fitness.  One of her favorite quotes from Louise Hay is: “There is enough for everybody and we bless and prosper each other.”

She shared some of her future plans for the gym including a sauna open­ing soon; group weight-lift­ing classes, rowing class, Insanity, and TRX: suspen­sion training. Group classes that Angie teaches (Pilates/ yoga, aerobics, hip-hop and strength) are included in your membership.

There are additional small fees for other classes (Amy’s yoga, Grace’s tai chi, and Henry’s gentle yoga). See the whole schedule on the gym bulle­tin board or on line: http://; or call 252-928-2496; 252-928-2496. The gym is open Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m; Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sun. 8 a.m. to noon. See you at Angie’s Gym for your health and wellness.

TL Grace West loves to both ex­ercise and relax. After a good workout you can experience her warm water massage therapy.  Health and Wellness: Angie’s Gym



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