While riding my bike early this morning,enjoying a light breeze and the quiet, I could feel the sharp edges of my annoyance with deadlines, projects, work to be done
and daily chores begin to melt. I am the type of person that sets my mind on a goal and then I want to get there with concentration and focus. I don’t want to dodge obstacles, make detours or be stalled by interruptions. Ask any business owner how they feel mid-August and you will hear some variation of this story.  Maybe it is my age and it is not as easy to get back on track again as it used to be.  Some days it is a challenge to just remember what I started out to do.  Can you relate?  I am not a good multi-tasker and that just gets worse as the summer progresses!
I am looking forward to fall, the shortening days and cooler temperatures. The flavor of fall is appealing.  I think of pumpkins and apples, ripened figs, the browning of the sea oats and the return of the dolphins.  Migrating birds begin to appear later on and the pace of living slows down.  Kids are back in school and our visitors tend to be less hurried.
I hope you enjoy this fall issue of the Ocracoke Observer. I want to especially thank our guest contributor this month, William S. Jackson, a former newspaper owner and writer from Hershey, PA, for his wonderful story,  “The Office Cat. ” Until next month, smooth sailing,

Ruth Fordon,

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