To The Editor:

I was sorry to hear that B.J. Olschlegel was removed from the Ocracoke Planning Advi­sory Board last month. She was a longtime member, who had worked diligently at being well informed and constructive. With her removal, Ocracoke has lost a champion in its corner.

Unlike the County Commis­sioners and other boards that, at best, look one or two years ahead, the planning board is uniquely charged with the responsibility to look far into the future. Their job is to guide the Ocracoke Develop­ment Ordinance and the com­missioners toward the Ocracoke that we will be proud to leave for future generations.

It’s not an easy task at all, and it requires, not agreement, but disagreement; it requires argument and dispute but it also requires that those who disagree treat each other with respect. In removing BJ and creating a board more in agreement with itself, Commissioner Fletcher has done damage to the purpose of the planning board and to the future of Ocracoke.

Tom Pahl, Ocracoke

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