Thank you to the organizers and to all of Ocracoke for hosting the Ocrafolk Festival in which it was hard to say if the performers or the audience
was having the better time. The musicians kept having guest musicians from the other bands join them for much excellent jamming.

We are still buoyed up from so much music, song and dance in one weekend. Here are some highlights from Saturday. Clyde Jones made one of his “critters” out of storm-harvested Ocracoke cedar. Clyde didn’t say, but I think it was a moose. The rest of the day we spent listening to music, attending workshops, watching the parade. We kept saying to each other, “It doesn’t get much better than this,” but it just kept getting better. Saturday evening we joined the crowd at the Community Square. To the music of a live band we learned some traditional Ocracoke dancing as the moon rose and the stars came out.

Right after that, Ocrachicks came together at Live Oak Stage and made music and magic. Spirits rose to a swell of celebration that sent us out into the cool June night with light hearts. Thanks also to Lauren Strohl for a most fantastic loaf of sourdough bread that I bought from the table of the newly opened Community Store. If I lived on Ocracoke (wish I did) I would campaign for Lauren to have a CSB (community supported bread) in the style of CSA (community supported agriculture). We will be back for next year’s festival and looking forward to it all year long.

Thanks again,
Elizabeth Dyer

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