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Recent photo of Ocracoke’s U.S. Post Office bulletin board

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A set of found keys have been pinned to the post office bulletin board for several weeks now and another set has shown up.
Since the post office is one of the chief sources of communication the island, this isn’t the first time islanders have seen keys (or other found objects) pinned there with a scribbled note of where they were found.  Where else could these keys have been taken?
On Ocracoke we do not have one location where any found items of value can be brought.  Although the sheriff’s office does process lost wallets, the office is frequently closed while the deputies are out patrolling.
We propose that a lock box be installed at the sheriff’s office with a lost-and-found sheet attached. If the item found is small enough, it can be placed into the slot.Those who have found larger items as well as those who have lost something, can fill out a form and place either into the box. Notices about the box could be placed on bulletin boards around the island, included in visitor information and with the few island media sources.
Losing car keys these days is not only a major inconvenience but an expensive one as the new computer chip keys can cost more than $200.
Having an official lost-and-found location that can be accessible all the time would be a valuable service to Ocracoke and its many visitors.

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