Considering the digital times we live in, it was inevitable that the Ocracoke Observer, like the vast majority of print newspapers, have a web presence. Every month, we are challenged to decide what articles to print. This website will permit us to include breaking news and expanded stories printed in the monthly. Our archives, already quite substantial, include selected stories of interest published in the Observer over the years.
You will see some new features here we are excited about.

One is the literary journal, Salt & Wind. Writers can submit their short stories, poetry and vignettes to our literary editor, Kelley Shinn.  (See the link in the Categories on the home page.) While our preference will be for works that relate to Ocracoke, coastal North Carolina and the salt life, all submissions will be reviewed.  Good writing is good writing and that’s what you will read here.
Another innovative section is our audio recordings with oral histories, interviews and music. We are still developing this. So expect some interesting additions.
This is a multilingual website with information and news in Spanish, and general information about Ocracoke for French and German speakers who may be deciding where to take their next vacation.
Feel free to send us your questions about past and present Ocracoke to “Ask the Observer: All things Ocracoke.” When appropriate, include a photo of the plant, bird or other animal you saw on the island. If necessary, we have several subject experts that can help with the answer.
We are also featuring a Young Creators section where students 14 and younger may submit their writings, artwork, photographs and songs for others to enjoy.
If you enjoy reading about Ocracoke’s history and its people, the flora and fauna of the island, fishing and wonderful recipes, we have selected many articles from past issues and will continue to add more material.
Please bear with us. This is in beta stage and we will make edits and corrections as we test this site over the next few weeks.
It is our hope with this website to further the Observer’s mission of illuminating the unique experience of Ocracoke Island by communicating important community news, history and culture.
For helping to get this website up and running, we wish to warmly thank Aimee Hill, James Grimaldi, Jock Lauterer and Beck Tench.



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