Roy Revels
Roy Revels.

By Ruth Fordon

Contemporary modern art leaves interpretation to the viewer, and island artist Roy Revels likes to do just that.
His new and old works will be on view in Down Creek Gallery, 260 Irvin Garrish Hwy. starting Wednesday, Sept. 24, with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m.

Revels’ paintings are abstract and his 2-D and 3-D sculptures sometimes are part of an installation telling a story, or as stand-alone art.“It is me creating an atmosphere, an image, something to make people use their imagination,” he says about his art. He likes art that is untitled, temporary, a message that life is composed of moments that are constantly changing and transforming. Revels is a self-taught artist influenced by many different things, and likes to work in different media.

He likes to make people think and for his art to have a different meaning for each individual. With his 3-D sculptures, he often creates wire cages around his object.Once, one of his 2-D exhibits was a wall of white crucifixes, a silent message to be interpreted by the viewer. While his sculptures are carefully planned and consciously constructed, his paintings are completely abstract.

Revels’ paintings are more of an unconscious action: he doesn’t know where he is going when he starts, but always knows when it is time to stop.Ocracoke is known for it fine artists and Revels, co-owner of Zillie’s Island Pantry, has been part of a local group of like-minded artists called the Ocracoke Five.

Composed of Bob Ray, Ann Ehringhaus, Debbie Wells and Barbara Hardy, the five have chosen to share their art collaboratively in outdoor exhibitions framed by unusual island locations, such as an abandoned WWII bunker and at the Ocracoke Convenience Site (the dump).

These exhibits are usually spontaneous happenings, advertised by word-of-mouth, and popular events among the local island population.Revels has exhibited at many North Carolina galleries, from Manteo to Asheville, and his most recent exhibition was at Barton College, Wilson, in 2012.

His Down Creek Gallery show will be on permanent display there.

cage sculpture
Untitled sculpture by Roy Revels.
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