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Notices like the one at left on the post office bulletin board may be a thing of the past if the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department establishes a secure lost-and-found.

In a recent editorial, we noted how Ocracoke does not have an official lost-and-found location. It is not unusual to see a set of keys or a hand-written flyer seeking a lost cell phone attached to the bulletin board at the Post Office. We proposed that a lockbox be installed at the Hyde County Sherriff’s Office to place found items and report missing ones when it is closed. Deputy Sergeant Jason Daniels agrees. He said they do receive lost wallets frequently and do all they can to find the owners.

“We’ve gotten wallets with money still in them,” he said.

He is going see if a secure depository, similar to a bank night deposit box, could be installed through the outside wall of their office located along Irvin Garrish Highway.

We commend him and the department for supporting this proposal.

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