By Peter  Vankevich

The NCDOT Ferry Division confirmed Oct. 9 that the 40 year-old building at Swan Quarter Ferry dock will be replaced. The new building will continue to serve as the terminal and welcome center where passengers receive their tickets, use restrooms and get snacks. It will also include a dorm facility for ferry workers who need overnight accommodations.

The project is being funded by a one-time federal grant that is paying for 80 percent of the costs. According to Tim Hass, the estimated cost of the project is $2.15 million, which will come  from the NCDOT Capital Improvements list (buildings).

“These are NCDOT state construction dollars, not available for dredging purposes because dredging was defined as a maintenance activity through STI legislation and the SPOT work group guidelines,” Hass wrote in an email.

communications officer of the NCDOT Ferry Division, none of the money for this project is coming from dredging efforts at Hatteras Inlet.

He said that 70 percent of the dredging costs come from the budget of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The project will go out to bid on Oct. 14.

Details on construction and completion will be available after the bids are reviewed and one is approved.

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  1. What they should do is increase the dorm space to rent out to passengers who would want to stay and catch the first ferry but live too far away to drive there before it leaves in the early morning.

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