Dec 4 012
Deputy Sergeant Jason Daniels and newly elected Hyde Ccounty Sheriff Guire Cahoon. Photo by C. Leinbach


By Connie Leinbach
Newly elected Hyde County Sheriff Guire Cahoon visited Ocracoke on Thursday in one of many visits he said he will make to the island during his tenure.
Cahoon won the election Nov. 4 with 1,394 votes over Tim Weston, who received 342 votes.
“I appreciate the support y’all gave me here on the island,” Cahoon said during a brief interview accompanied by Deputy Sergeant Jason Daniels.
Cahoon will be back on the island the weekend of Dec. 12 and 13 during the Holiday Basketball Tournament.  He will help at the Cub Scouts Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning in the United Methodist Women’s rec hall, beside the church on School Road.
In addition to making the rounds, Cahoon is conferring with Daniels and the other deputies about ongoing cases.
One of them is the so-called “peeping Tom” that began recently.
Earlier in the week, Deputy Rob King said that the deputies received a call Nov. 24 about an intruder on a roof near First Avenue and Cemetery Road.
“We made an active search of the area,” Daniels said, and though they have not made an arrest, they are still investigating. 
Since then, several others island residents have made reports of earlier instances “of a similar nature,” Daniels said. 
Anyone with any information or who has had similar instances are asked to contact the sheriff’s office.
Also, any time anyone notices anything suspicious or out of the ordinary should not hesitate to call the office 252 928-7301, no matter what time of the day or night, Daniels said.
“We will come by,” he said.  “Even if it’s a (seemingly) little thing, call.”


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