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Carmie Prete, left, and Mickey Baker, right, after their marriage ceremony Tuesday, Dec. 2, conducted by Magistrate Gene Ballance. Photo courtesy of Mickey Baker.

Carmie Prete and Mickey Baker made Ocracoke and Hyde County history when they were married on Tuesday, Dec.2, in their home on Ocracoke Island by Hyde County Magistrate Gene Ballance.
They are the first gay couple to be legally married on the island and in the county. Marriage equality became legal in North Carolina on Oct. 10.
“We decided after the mid-term elections to just do it,” Mickey said.
They are 30-year residents and business owners on Ocracoke and have been together for 45 years.
“We have Edie Windsor to thank for the privilege of a legal marriage,” Mickey said.
Windsor’s lawsuit against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which banned same-sex marriage, went all the way to the Supreme Court where she argued her case March 27, 2013. The Supreme Court decided in her favor on June 26, 2013.
Please visit www.ediewindsor.com to learn more about the woman, her relationship with Thea Spyer and her Supreme Court fight.
Witnesses to Mickey and Carmie’s ceremony were close friends Cynthia Mitchell and Pat Garber.  
Following the afternoon ceremony, many well-wishers stopped by or called as word spread. Cynthia and Pat had prepared a splendid dinner in which the main course was the famous spinach lasagna from the Cafe Atlantic Cookbook, which over the years was the women’s favorite dish.
The festivities continued the following day.
“We would like to thank, along with Cynthia and Pat, our friends Scott Bradley, Kelley Shinn, Jude Wheeler and Silas Trethewey, who ceremoniously took it upon themselves to lovingly and riotously decorate our beach car, drive us through town in a celebratory parade only to end up on the beach for a champagne sunset!” said Mickey and Carmie.

A dinner was then prepared by Kelley at her home, also attended by Connie Leinbach.
“The wedding events were both historical and hysterical……and enjoyed by all,” Mickey said. “We would like to also thank this community of Ocracoke for all the love and warm wishes we have received.”

photo 2
photo 1 Beach celebration. Photos courtesy of Mickey Baker.
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