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Part I in the October print edition addressed traditional medical resources on Ocracoke for depression and addiction.


December 2014
By T.L. Grace West

This month three specific alternative resources are featured for your in­formation.

Pastor Ivey Belch (Assembly of God Church) offers Chris­tian counseling at no charge.

“Ninety percent of the peo­ple that come to me are facing problems with depression and addiction,” he says.

Ivey Belch


Ivey grew up on the island, graduating from the Ocracoke School before going off to col­lege.

He began Christian counsel­ing with youth and families and expanded to all ages when he became the full-time pastor over three years ago. Contact him at: pastorb@ocracokeag. org, 252-928-9001.

Pastor Richard L. Bry­ant (The United Methodist Church) offers Christian coun­seling at no charge. He is new to our community. However, where he previously worked in Ireland he had the opportunity to deal with a lot of depres­sion and addiction problems. He has also sought out train­ing in both crisis intervention and psychology. Contact him at:, 252-928-6219

Ann Ehringhaus, LMBT #1033, who has a doctorate in ministry, offers spiritual coun­seling on a sliding-fee scale. Ann has lived on the island for more than 40 years and com­passionately offers support with feelings that can contribute to depression and/or addiction. Contact her at: aeocracoke@ 252-928-1311.

Ann Ehringhaus
Ann Ehringhaus

Rosen Method Bodywork (a massage therapy modality spe­cifically for emotional help): Ann also offers this body work on a sliding-fee scale.

“Depression and addiction often result from feelings that are painful that we don’t want to have,” she says. This gentle bodywork is client-centered, meaning you work with Ann at pace right for you. As your body releases some of its ten­sion and guarding, you create space to explore feelings safe­ly with support. Contact her at:, 252-928-1311.

Counseling: Mitzi Crall, Ph.D., works with individuals and is the director of A Journey of Hope, a workshop program she started that helps trauma­tized partners of sex addicts. She uses her vast knowledge of how our brains work to help people successfully heal the underlying trauma that is the root cause of most depression and addictions.

Along with teaching specific coping skills, her personalized, synergistic approach uses visu­alization, hypnosis, emotional release work and other meth­ods.

Mitzi Crall
Mitzi Crall

Mitzi recently moved to Oc­racoke full time. Contact her at:, MJ­; cell:770-310- 4873.

In addition, remember pre­vention goes a long way. Oc­racoke is rich with exercise programs, yoga, tai chi/ qi gong and many massage therapists who can ease stress.



2.13 grace close up
T.L. Grace

For more information con­tact T.L. Grace West: floatwith­grace@earthlink.

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