By TL Grace West

Have you seen a cloud of what looks like smoke on a windy day and wondered where the fire was? If there isn’t a fire, most likely this is cedar pol­len. March winds stir up what for some on Ocracoke is the beginning of allergy season. Many islanders head for over-the-counter antihistamines; some islanders go to the health center for Rx medicine.

There are natural means to both prevent and treat allergy symptoms. These ideas come from islanders who report suc­cess.

First, some common-sense choices for prevention, such as, a decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle that works to keep your immune system tick­ing helps prevent illness.

A healthy lifestyle means good food, sleep, active mind and regular attention to reduc­ing stress.

According to several island­ers, it is worth the effort for bet­ter health.

Below are some islander sug­gestions:

#1. A Neti pot. This simple pot with mild saline solution is used to cleanse the nasal and sinus passages daily. Easy to use and also promotes a good night’s sleep.

#2. Dr. Schulze’s herbal im­mune boosting products: i.e. Children’s Echinacea and Su­per Boost tinctures.

#3. Shaklee Immune Boost.

#4. Asea taken daily during whole year, but double-dose during season (Modicule Re­dox System).

#5. Take vitamin D for im­mune boost.

#6. Use natural laundry soap and cleaning products to avoid the chemical toxins in many commercial products.

At least two weeks before al­lergy season it can be helpful to take a high dose of Alfalfa (8-10 tabs/a day) plus Nettles capsules and Nettles tea.

Zinc lozenges taken immedi­ately when you feel symptoms of cold or allergy can prevent full blown attacks.

For treating allergy symp­toms, natural products include both Quercetin and Fenugreek capsules for sinus and nasal congestion. Use your Neti pot more than one time daily.

Lifestyle tips include show­ering with natural soap im­mediately after being outside, keep the windows shut, use a humidifier (with Vicks), use hankies (not tissue) for blow­ing your nose. Tissues seem soft but they are actually very fibrous and cause raw noses.

They are also an environ­mental nightmare to produce, distribute and are full of toxic chemicals. Especially during allergy season vacuum and

dust your house (and furniture, especially the couch) and if you have an inside dog, wash him regularly.

If you are looking for relief without the side effects some­times experienced with allo­pathic medicine why not try something natural for allergy relief this season?

Helpful local resources:

  1. Kim Meacham (Milk Street Soap Co of Ocracoke 252 588 2205) is glad to share her simple non-toxic cleaning recipes/sys­tem to make your own cleaning products that can clean anything. She uses five simple ingredients from the grocery store and takes 20 min x1 month to make (cost about $5 total for 6 months of supplies.

Kim also has organic soap, and natural laundry detergent available through Milk Street Soap, Co.

  1. Laura Hardy (252 588- 0217) is Ocracoke’s Asea Rep­resentative. Check out the Asea presentation at the Community Store March 11, 6 p.m.
  2. Sunflower Center, Back Road, Ocracoke. Carol O’Brien. (252 921-0188) Opening April 1. Mostly ho­meopathic remedies.
  3. for good prices on Neti Pot, and allergy plus products.
  4. Angie’s Gym, Sand Dollar Rd. (252 928-2496). Afford­able daily plus memberships for workout space and many classes for stress reduction.
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