A holiday wreath on the Ocracoke lighthouse. Photo by P. Vankevich
A holiday wreath on the Ocracoke lighthouse. Photo by P. Vankevich

By Peter Vankevich
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If you are looking for a summer vacation spot to enjoy the sun and a pleasant breeze, read a book, search for seashells, observe wildlife, engage in nature photography, go swimming, catch a fish, or learn how to surf, Ocracoke is the perfect location.

Ocracoke is famous for its 25 kilometers of pristine beaches. In 2007 it was named the number one beach in America. One major reason for the island’s charm is that is accessible only by public ferry, private boat and small plane.  It also has a rich nautical history and is where the famous pirate Blackbeard met his demise in battle 1718.kenkayakfishing (1)

The village consisting of about 1000 year-round residents has many nice restaurants and accommodations including bed and breakfasts, motel rooms and charming well-furnished cottages to rent for a week or more. There are also plenty of interesting shops to visit.  In summer there are wonderful musical concerts at Deepwater Theater and live music at many of the restaurants.

You can get around the village by renting a golf cart or bicycle.  Get a glimpse of history by visiting the lighthouse built in 1823 and the Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum.  Computers with Wi-Fi access are available on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings at the community library.

Come and see why so many people think that Ocracoke Island is such a special and unforgettable place.


Patty Johnson Plyer, Ocracoke Fish House
Patty Johnson Plyer holding red drum, Ocracoke Fish House. Photo by P. Vankevich
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