At the spaghetti fundraiser April 19 at Jason's Restaurant for Brian Fulcher are, from left, Martha Garrish, Melissa Sharber (Brian's mom), Noel Goodwin, Sherry Atkinson and Karmen Laton.
At the spaghetti fundraiser April 19 at Jason’s Restaurant for Brian Fulcher are, from left, Martha Garrish, Melissa Sharber (Brian’s mom), Noel Goodwin, Sherry Atkinson and Karmen Laton.

Editor’s note: Brian Fulcher is a son of Melissa Sharber, one of the post office staffers. He had a skateboard accident a few weeks ago in Colorado and suffered head trauma, and is still recovering. Recently, Jason’s restaurant held a spaghetti fund raiser to help Brian and Ali with medical costs.

Dear Ocracoke Community,

            We would like to express our thanks and deep gratitude for everyone’s thoughts, prayers and support.  When Brian had his skateboard accident, we did not know just how scary it would be.  He spent nearly two weeks in the ICU, then moved through the other neuro trauma floors of the hospital. 

From the very beginning, Ocracoke came together and offered more love and support than we could have imagined.  Brian has no recollection of the first 14 days in the hospital, but I can attest to the unimaginable amount of love sent from Ocracoke through phone calls, messages and visits.  Brian’s friends all called to see how he was doing. 

Brian was happy and moved to hear about this later, and I was very thankful to talk to the people who love Brian, while he was in the worst of the recovery stages.  It meant a lot to hear from people who know just how strong he is—thank you Ryan O’Neal, Ryan McQuaig and Jimmy Wrobleski!  Thank you to Brian’s family for your support.  Melissa and Lauren were there for every step of the way and came to visit during some of the scariest days of Brian’s ICU stay.  They were a constant support system for me when I was not sure what the next hour or next day would bring.

We ate dinner with our neighbors last night and Gregg, our new friend and landlord had everyone go around the table to say three things that we are thankful for.  How many residents live on Ocracoke?  We are thankful for every single person.  I’m pretty sure that’s more than three.  We were talking about practicing the art of gratitude—being thankful for the people and blessings in your life and remembering how lucky we all are, instead of wishing for more. We are lucky to have another day together and we are so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing community, Ocracoke- a place that will always be home.

            Brian and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Karm Laton, Jessica Caldwell and Jason Wells for coordinating an incredible spaghetti dinner fundraiser, raffle and bake sale.  It brought us to tears to hear about all of the work and time that everyone put into the fundraiser.  Also, thank you to all of the local businesses who donated to the raffle!  We are extremely thankful. 

Thank you to everyone who baked something for the bake sale! Also, thank you very much to the whole Ocracoke community for coming out to the fundraiser.  We wish that we could thank everyone in person.  We are hoping to come back to visit sometime this summer and are looking forward to thanking everyone who helped Brian get better.  We love you all! 

With all of our love and gratitude,

Brian and Ali Fulcher

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