Regarding the article (to read click here)  about how well Ocracoke School did in its evaluation, you all should be so proud of your school’s faculty and students. What a stellar performance.

I spoke to one of the high school students when I was visiting last year. He was a very nice young man who told me that there was no problem with bullying or anything like that. Everyone had known each other since they were little kids, and as a result, bullying just didn’t happen.

 I think there is more to schooling than providing materials, or college prep courses and AP placement. Ocracoke is a true community where each person is valued, and people strive to help one another out.

 The entire community supports its young people. At my daughter’s school, there is an unpleasant feeling of competition: Do better than the next person, score well on tests, or be left behind.

 Ocracoke School must be on to something that is eluding other school systems in the state. I think of the pride that everyone feels about completing the baseball field. Here, the baseball team is highly competitive.

 So many kids are heartbroken because they never get the chance to play high school ball. Playing varsity sports is for only elite athletes who get coached and belong to travel teams in their spare time.

I do wish that every school system could see its students as valuable members of the community. They are our future.

Mary Sonis Parker
Carborro, NC

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