In April, my guests and I were staying in a rental house and one of them fell on the stairs and landed flat on her back.Another guest who is a retired nurse took charge.Although the injured guest appeared to have no cuts or bruises, what worried us was that she could not consistently answer the questions: Where
are you? What year is it? Who is the President?

We called 911, and in about five minutes, Sandy Yeatts of the Ocracoke Fire Department and Hyde County EMS, (who was off duty at the time), arrived.
A few minutes later the EMS ambulance pulled in with Nicole Pegram and Benjamin Brown on board.

The EMS folks examined our friend, got her up and sitting in a chair, and told us that her vital signs were good and that they found no knots, cuts, or contusions. Then we put our friend to bed and were told to watch out for any unusual signs of injury or trauma. The next day, our friend, though a little sore, was pretty much back to normal.

My guests and I would like to thank the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department and the Hyde County EMS Ocracoke Island Station for their rapid response, professional demeanor, and gentle, good humored approach to helping our friend.

It is a comfort to know that if a medical emergency arises on Ocracoke the professional members of the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department and the Hyde County EMS Ocracoke Island Station will be there to help out.

Carter Whitman
Andover, NH

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