Oct 4 2014 015

We have posted an article on common sense safety on swimming in the ocean and we urge you to read it carefully. Click here.

Rip currents are a danger here, as they are on many other beaches throughout world. Our strong recommendation is that if you intend to swim in the ocean of Ocracoke, do so at “Lifeguard Beach” when the lifeguards are on duty.

We have a few more comments to add about beach safety.

Be particularly vigilant with young children playing in the water. It doesn’t take but a moment for a child to stray out too far, or for a sudden large wave to appear.

Every year, lightning strikes and kills people on or near bodies of water. Summer is the peak season for outdoor and water-related activities, and is when most lightning deaths and injuries occur.

If the lifeguards signal people to get off the beach, promptly follow their advice.

For those that have a smart phone, they should have programmed weather alerts and bookmark a site that has a weather radar that can provide a heads-up as to the direction a distant storm is heading.

But, importantly for all, use your own audio-visuals. If you see lightening in the air, get off the beach immediately and head to a safe location, and as the saying goes: “if thunder roars, go indoors.”

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