Ocracoke School. Photo by P. Vankevich
Ocracoke School. Photo by P. Vankevich

By Peter Vankevich

Ocracoke School honored 37 students  for their achievements May 28 at the annual Academic Excellence Banquet in the Ocracoke Community Center.

All of the students, from grades three through 12, made the honor roll for each academic period. Seven of them made all A’s.

Bill Jones, a retired minister and volunteer for the last three years at the school, was the guest speaker.

School volunteer Bill Jones. Photo by P. Vankevich
School volunteer Bill Jones. Photo by P. Vankevich

He recounted his experiences at his boarding school, Indian Springs School, located  south of Birmingham, Ala., in the late 1950s, with some of the eccentric, yet caring teachers he still fondly remembers.

He  compared Ocracoke School favorably with his experiences, noting that at both schools,” the teachers didn’t just teach math, English or science. They, most importantly, taught students.”

All A’s Honor Roll

Alyssa Morgan Bryan
Dylan Scott Esham
Maren Grace Donlon
Justin Cole Gilbert
Christian Stanley Stevens
Deana Joy Seitz
Julian Howard Bennink

All A’s and B’s Honor Roll

Ronald Kevin Contreras-Garcia
Daymon Scott Esham
Yuletzy Hernandez Ibarra
Elsie London Kattenburg
Dibanhi Rodriguez-Santiago
Alexis Villanueva Tellez
Max Owen Elicker
Frances Margaret Burruss Evans
Wyatt Luca Giagu
Katie Grace Kinnion
Chandler Russell O’Neal
Gisselle Perez
Lachlan Wesley Tweedie Howard
Edwin Perez-Benitez
Jackson Sydney Strange
Jayden Bradley West
Hannah Laura Grey Belch
Mason Daniel Fuller
Mackenzie Paige Novak
Milagro Raquel Ortiz
Colby Todd Austin
Julia Taylor Fuller
Mackenzie Lee O’Neal
Cody Lee Pinter
Kalai Jay Samick
Samantha Nicole Sutton
Liam O’Neal Caswell
Carson Farrow O’Neal
Jordi Perez
Karen Corona Perez
Arianna Trejo Contreras
Josie Anne Winstead
Hunter Raleigh Belch
Abigail Grace Morris
Kathryn Grace O’Neal
Lucy Louise O’Neal
Samantha Leigh Styron







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