Dolphins Basketball. Photo by P. Vankevich
Dolphins Basketball. Photo by P. Vankevich

The school athletes were recognized recently for their achievements in sports this school year.

The following are special recognitions for the Lady Dolphins basketball:

Sydney Austin was selected as one of the top 60 in state, most valuable player and all-district.

Josie Winstead received the coaches award and was named to All-District as was Katie O’Neal.

Abigail Morris, Katie O’Neal and Lucy O’Neal were noted for their 68 victories over their careers, the most for any basketball team for Ocracoke. 

Katie ONeal, Lucy ONeal and Abigail Morris. Photo by P. Vankevich
Katie ONeal, Lucy ONeal and Abigail Morris. Photo by P. Vankevich

Most  Improved Player:  Bricia Moreno

Boys Varsity Basketball:

All Conference:  Evin Caswell

All District: Evin Caswell and Matteus Gilbert

Most Valuable Player: Evin Caswell

Most  Improved Player:  Carson O’Neal

Coach’s’ Award :  Matteus Gilbert

Unsung Hero Award:  Dylan Sutton

Girls’ Varsity  Cross  Country Team:

Runner of the Year:  Karen  Perez

Coach’s  Award:  Kaylee Gaskins

Most  Improved:  Abigail Morris

Boys’s  Varsity  Cross  Country Team

Runner of the Year:  Kevin  Perez

Coach’s  Award:   Dalton Kalna

Most  Improved:  Kyle Tillett

Middle School Girls’ Basketball:

More  Valuable:  Vanessa  Lora  and Ingrid Contreras

Coach’s  Award:  Taylor Fuller

Most  Improved:  Samantha  Sutton

Boys Middle School Basketball:

Most Valuable Player:  Colby Austin

Most  Improved Player:  Jamie Paul

Coach’s’ Award :  Kalai Samick

Girls’ Varsity Volleyball:

Most Valuable Player:  Kaie O’Neal

Most  Improved Player  Brianna  Boos

Coach’s  Award :  Samantha Styron

Girls’ Middle School Volleyball:

Most Valuable Player:  Ingrid  Contreras

Most  Improved Player:  Mila Ortiz

Coach’s  Award :  Mackenzie O’Neal

Middle School Baseball:

Most Valuable Player:  Kalai Samick

Grinder  Award:  Ethan O’Neal

Dedication  Award:  John Brodisch

Track and Field:

Karen Perez track meet
Karen Perez. Photo by Lulu Perez

All-Conference:  Karen Perez

First team members: Evin Caswell, Matteus Gilbert, Dalton Kalna, Jordie Perez, Karen Perez, Kevin  Perez, Kyle Tillett

First High School Baseball team:

Brieanna Boos, Liam Caswell, Darvin Contreras, Spenser Gaskins, Mac Kalna, Carson O’Neal, Alden Robinson, Dylan Sutton, Waylon Underwood, Josie Winstead



Spencer Gaskins, the Dolphins catcher and big hitter.
Spencer Gaskins, the Dolphins catcher and big hitter.

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