Blackburn Warner. Photo by P. Vankevich
Blackburn Warner.  Photo by P. Vankevich

By  Connie Leinbach 

Islander Blackburn Warner has joined the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department as a new deputy.

A native of Ocracoke, Warner recently graduated from East Carolina University, majoring in criminal justice. He also completed basic law enforcement training.

As a new deputy, Warner will spend most of the summer learning the job with Deputy Sergeant Jason Daniels.

The variety is what he likes about his new job.

“I don’t have to work in an office,” Warner said. “It’s different all the time. I get to deal with a lot of different people.”

Warner also is a volunteer with the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department.

Daniels said that every year the deputies have in-service legal updates in juvenile law, domestic violence, minority sensitivity training, and training on the intoxometer (which measures blood alcohol) and radar.

He reminds visitors to learn and follow the rules for driving golf carts, especially that children under 18 are not allowed behind the wheel.

Deputy Jaren Mutro is taking classes to get her certified investigator status.

The fourth island deputy is Rob King, who also recently completed basic law enforcement training.

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