Hyde County deputy sheriffs patrol in this golf cart.
Hyde County deputy sheriffs patrol in this golf cart.

By Connie Leinbach

Since Sept. 15, the Hyde County Sheriff deputies have logged the following incidents:

Receipt of an “air soft” toy handgun.  This was found on the ground at the south end ferry lines and turned into the ferry office, said Capt. Jason Daniels.

“This toy looks real,” he said. “If someone would point it at you, it looks like a real gun.”

Typically, toy guns have red plastic barrels so that they can be distinguished from the real thing, but these toys do not.

A breaking-and-entering of an unlocked vehicle in which some items were stolen.

“Most of these vehicles are unlocked,” he said. “If you keep your vehicle unlocked, sooner or later, it will get broken into (even on Ocracoke). So, lock your vehicles.”

An unauthorized use of a vehicle resulted in that vehicle being driven into a ditch and left. Daniels said the vehicle was retrieved and not badly damaged.

A larceny of some medications.

An out-of-state man was arrested from driving while impaired after driving wildly and “tearing up the island” around 11:30 earlier in October. There were no accidents or injuries. The man was also charged with reckless and careless driving.

One investigation of an alleged shoplifting incident.

Daniels stressed that island residents and businesses who need the deputies in such situations should call the sheriff’s office at 252-926-3171. They can send the deputies on duty right away.

While many islanders have Daniels’ and other deputies ‘cell phone numbers–and are encouraged to call them any time–when a deputy is needed immediately, his cell phone is not the number to call since they may be off duty and unable to respond.



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