By Peter Vankevich

Ocracoke School students were honored recently for high academic achievement in the first 90-day period.

Forty-nine students from grades 3 through 12 received all A’s, and 48 more students were added to the honor roll for getting all A’s and B’s.

Even by Ocracoke’s standards for being a top public school in the state, (click here), this is a high number. (Total enrollment is 181 students in grades pre-K to grade 12.)

This year (2015-2016), state changed its grading scale from a seven-point scale to a 10-point scale state wide which, means there are more students eligible for the honor roll, said Assistant Principal Leslie Cole.

The fourth grade was notable under this new grading system in that all of the students in that class got all A’s.

“We have a dedicated staff and caring students with an enormous amount of parental support,” Cole said.  “The kids worked hard as did the parents and the teachers. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our students.”

All A’s Honor Roll:

Honor Roll Ocracoke School As PS 20151106_083524
Students receiving all A’s. Photo by Leslie Cole.

3rd grade: Gabriel Brown, Nicholas Cole, Gavin Elicker, Landon Fuller, Auggie Giagu, Carter O’Neal, Noah O’Neal, and Catherine Todd.

4th grade: Quinten Brooks, Alyssa Bryan, Ronald Contreras Garcia, Maren Donlon, Daymon Esham, Yuletzy Ibarra, Emilia Jordan, Elsie Kattenburg, Will O’Neal, Dibanhi Santiago, Christian Stevens, Mariah Temple, Silas Trethewey, and Alexis Villanueva.

5th grade: Max Elicker, Katie Kinnion, and Iris McClain

6th grade: Hayden Austin, Julian Bennink, Edwin Perez-Benitez, and Jackson Strange

7th grade: Dylan Esham, Cole Gilbert, and Mackenzie Novak

8th grade: Mila Ortiz

9th grade: Colby Austin, Alston Belch, Ingrid Contreras, Taylor Fuller, Mackenzie O’Neal, Katie O’Neill, Cody Pinter, Kalai Samick, and Samantha Sutton

10th grade: Liam Caswell and Darvin Contreras

11th grade: Stacey O’Neal, Karla Perez, and Waylon Underwood

12th grade: Aldo Serrano Resendiz, Arianna Trejo Contreras, and Josie Winstead

A/B Honor Roll:

Honor Roll A-B PS Ocracoke School 20151106_082736 (1)
Students receiving all A’s and B’s. Photo by Leslie Cole.

3rd grade: Shayna Brooks, Nathen Contreras, Jacob Daniles, Uriel Guerrero Perez, Finn Kattenburg, Danny Palacios-Badillo, Melanie Perez-Benitez, and Caroline Stocks

5th grade: Maggie Evans, Wyatt Giagu, Chandler O’Neal, Valerie Rodriguez, and Marlene Tellez

6th grade: Jayden West

7th grade: Hannah Belch, Mason Fuller, Alexander O’Neal, and Russell Stevens

8th grade: Joseph Dow, David Styron, and Alan Doshier

9th grade: John Brodisch, Starr Ely, Sam Evans, Teresa Hadley, Caroline Novak, and Jeyson Resendiz

10th grade: Mac Kalna and Lupita Martinez

11th grade: Sydney Austin, Kaylee Gaskins, Carson O’Neal, Hunter O’Neal, Karen Perez, and Dylan Sutton

12th grade: Cecelia Carter, Dalton Kalna, Jordan Novak, Brandon O’Neal, and Deana Seitz

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