Feb. 26, 2016


We had a great opening at Village Thrift (Feb. 19) which would have not been possible without the help of so many people.
So, we want to thank everyone who has helped make the opening of the Village Thrift Store at its new location across from Community Square a tremendous success.

The new store is bright, light, BIG and loaded with new merchandise!  How did we ever fit all of that merchandise in the old store?

The Ocracoke Youth Center (OYC) Board of Directors was onboard from the beginning and did an amazing job every step of the way. Beautiful book shelves, phone connections, repairs, cleaning, lifting and hauling-awesome.  

The Hutcherson family delivered a fine reconditioned setting in the historic Williams house. Jason Daniels made the beautiful new sign that announces the store and the OYC to locals and newcomers.

Barbara Hardy was instrumental in the design of new interior (and the old one). “Bones the Pirate” spruced up the landscape in the front of the building and managed to save two nice pittisporum bushes that we hope thrive.  Jake Johnson came whenever we called for many small projects. Paula Schramel, who started the Village Thrift many years ago, has agreed to continue to lend us her “lucky jewelry case” at the new store. Alfredo Trejo was always ready to haul trash to the dump. 
Our volunteers rallied, emptied the old location and set everything in place for the opening last Friday.  Jane Chestnut, Jen Esham, Nancy Flick, Karen Lovejoy, Row Selman, Genvieve Sansone, Norman Sigal and her guests, Margaret and Barbara, Ruth Toth and Phyllis Wall pulled it off. 
Lastly, we would like to thank WOVV for advertising the opening and Garrick and Jacqui Kalna for being such wonderful landlords in the past, and Justin and Joelle (LeBlanc) for being our neighbors.

We already miss the wonderful smells, and will miss you guys, your staff and your patrons in future. 

Gael Hawkins, Felicity Gage and Sharon Miller


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