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Editor’s note: Today we provide extensive information on the March 15 primary, click here. There are many important races and we tried to get the candidates to respond to our questions that cover important issues for Ocracoke.  The March print issue of the newspaper is now available on the island, including at the Variety Store. Inside are the views of the two candidates for county commissioner, John Fletcher and Tom Pahl. We urge all to become informed voters and exercise that right.

The March 15 primary ballot will be full for both Democratic and Republican voters. 

In addition to the national presidential race, there are several state and local races for which voters should become familiar.

Since Hyde County has no League of Women Voters (who offer voter’s guides in counties nationwide), the Ocracoke Observer sought to create one for this primary.

We asked candidates for Hyde County commissioner for Ocracoke, the NC House District 6 seat which includes Ocracoke, the U.S. Congressional District 3 seat, and the U.S. Senate to respond to some questions. Not all candidates responded and we present the responses we received.

There is also an important public improvement bond to the tune of $2 billion.

We encourage you to research all the candidates before voting. The website contains a lot of information on the statewide candidates.

We include the entire ballot with the contenders in all parties, including the text of the referendum voters will be asked to approve.  To view the March 15 primary election ballot, click here

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Editorial and Opinion:

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