U.S. Congressional District No. 3 is currently held by Walter Jones. Vying with him for the Republican nomination are Taylor Griffin and Phil Law. These two did not respond back.

The Democratic challenger, David Hurst of Newport, NC, is unopposed and will be on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

Ocracoke is a barrier island that’s part of the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks has been substantially invested in with development since the 1950s.  The tourism industry provides a lot of revenue. Issues with NC Highway 12 South, the Bonner Bridge and the Oregon and Hatteras Inlets need constant attention.  While the Bonner Bridge is in the process of being rebuilt, now continued dredging of the Hatteras and Oregon Inlet will need more attention.

How can your representation in Washington, D.C., aid the residents, businesses and visitors here?

Walter Jones: Ocracoke is a key piece of the Outer Banks economy. Your success depends on visitor access via Hatteras Inlet. That access has been compromised by shoaling and the Bush and Obama administrations’ retreat from funding shallow draft dredging projects nationwide.  While Congress can no longer legislatively increase funding for specific projects because of a 2011 earmark ban, I do everything I can to work with all parties to find remedies for the inlet.  In fact, just this month I was pleased to announce that the Corps of Engineers has granted my request for an additional $1 million for the inlet.  


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