OCBA logoOCBA members at their regular monthly meeting April 13, 2016, approved the following in response to the recent action of the North Carolina General Assembly’s passage of House Bill 2:





Ocracoke takes great pride in being a community that welcomes all of its visitors without discrimination. Tourism has been the mainstay of our economy for over 100 years, and we depend on visitors choosing us again and again as their favorite vacation destination.

Unfortunately, the recent passage of House Bill 2 is already having a negative impact on tourism in North Carolina. This is a devastating blow to the economy of the state, and the Outer Banks is no exception. It is unfortunate that the decisions of a few in the NC legislature should be able to hurt the people and economy of the entire state.

Ocracoke has a diverse group of residents with a variety of views and opinions. However, the Ocracoke business community wants to make it clear that HB2 is not representative of the island.

We hope that the General Assembly will re-visit their decision soon and find the political will to repeal HB2 before it further damages the reputation of this great state.

Ocracoke Civic and Business Association extends an invitation to visitors of all races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, and orientations. We believe that what brings us together is stronger than what drives us apart.

Ocracoke is a world away…. ferry on over and experience the island-style welcome that will greet you!

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