Ocracoke School is doing two fundraisers to help defray costs of the academic banquet, which has grown since the school’s honor roll has grown.
Every year the PTA sets aside and gives money to fund the banquet, but due to the increased numbers of students attending, the amount is not enough. 
This year, the committee has come up with several fund raising ideas.
The first one is a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sale.Krispy_Kreme_logo

Order forms can be picked up at the post office, Variety Store or the school office, and interested persons can also contact any of the school’s teachers.

Forms are due back to the school with the money by Friday, May 13, and doughnuts will be available for pick-up in the multi-purpose room on Monday, May 16.

Another fundraiser the school is doing is a variation on “pink flamingos in the yard.”

"You've Been Splashed" with blue dolphins is a fundraiser for the Ocracoke School academic banquet.
“You’ve Been Splashed” with blue dolphins is a fundraiser for the Ocracoke School academic banquet.

 In this fundraiser, three blue dolphins will be placed in peoples’ yards in a  “You’ve been splashed.” 

These dolphins were made primarily by ninth-grader Star Ely in the school shop class.

The cost for the recipient to remove the dolphins will be $10.  For an additional $10, the “Pods” can be moved on to a friend.

 To remove the dolphins, customers will need to call the school during the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 3 p.m
Funds will be collected during removal, and an estimated removal time will be given when the recipient calls.

Please help us keep this fun going and help us raise money to fund the banquet by passing the “Pod” along to your friends!

People can call the school to have these put in someone’s yard if they hear about this.  There are five sets that will be “swimming” around the island for the next month.

Any questions you can call the school at 252-928-3251  and ask for Lisa, Susan or Serina.
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