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Your Winter 2016/2017 issue of the Ocracoke Observer was fantastic.
From the futuristic microgrid pilot program on pages 1 to 2 to the wonderful photos by Peter and Connie on page 16 this issue raises the bar for island journalism to a very high level.
How 16 pages could be loaded with such a fine selection spanning the issues of technology, politics, music, news, historical recipes, impressive artist gatherings, bird watching, community activities, exceptional memorial articles and an annual recap is something that must be read to be believed.
I would single out four sentences in this issue that arrested my attention for various reasons: 
1) The message in a bottle: “I found my love here.” (pg. 9 Litter pickup)
2)   “For the longest time, she considered purchase of a raincoat unnecessary and extravagant because it only took a few seconds to get between a house or building and a car: a newspaper over her head was good enough for that.” (pg. 10 Eleanor Garrish obituary; see post online as well.)
 3) “Church members Janey Jacoby and Kay Riddick have written thank-you notes to everyone who has donated.” (pg. 12 Methodist relief center continues)
4) “Since the beginning of November, the island has been quiet and Capt. Jason Daniels of the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department had nothing to report.” (pg. 14 November safety report)
Collectively these sentences contain something of the reality and essence of Ocracoke that is communicated through the pages of your publication.
Many thanks to Connie, Peter and the rest of your staff and contributors for another grand year.
John T. “Jack” Jeffery
Scranton, Pa.
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