A view of the Swan Quarter ferry dock. Photo: C. Leinbach
A view of the Swan Quarter ferry dock. Photo: C. Leinbach

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By Connie Leinbach

An NCDOT Ferry Division supervisor has been charged with trespassing on one of his staffer’s property.

In a complaint filed Oct. 5 with the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office, Harry B. Clark IV, a ferry crew member II, charged that his supervisor at the time, Herbert Allen Bliven Jr., at around 10:15 a.m. Oct. 4, walked into his Swan Quarter home uninvited.

At that time, Clark’s sister, Jerri Ann Wiseman of Belhaven, was babysitting Clark’s child.

Bliven was charged with breaking and entering, according to records from the district court and a hearing scheduled for Jan. 11 was continued until March 1.

Wiseman, in her statement to the Hyde County sheriff, said “a man entered my brother’s (Harry Clark) residence without permission.”

She heard the dogs barking and looked out of the house to see the back-end of a truck.

“As I picked up my niece and rounded the corner to the kitchen, there this guy stands,” the complaint says. “He asked where Harry was; I then told him and he left without telling me who or what he wanted.”

Wiseman’s statement said Bliven “entered through three different doors (sic) to get into my home.”

Bliven never gave his name, looked surprised and then left. 

Wiseman then called Clark to tell him “a man had entered the house without knocking.”

Clark’s statement says Bliven at the time was his supervisor on the Swan Quarter ferry run.

Tim Hass, Ferry Division spokesman, said Bliven, who was a ferry operations manager II when this incident occurred, was reassigned Nov. 3 to facilities and maintenance at Hatteras and at the shipyard.

Hass said the Ferry Division follows the policy of the N.C. Office of State Human Resources regarding disciplinary action for misconduct and criminal behavior, whether misdemeanors or felonies.

“An employee is not suspended pending adjudication of a criminal offense,” Hass said.

 As to why Bliven entered Clark’s house, Hass said it would not be proper for the division to speculate on that question.



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  1. Goodwin should be flushed like the old screwed up governor who cost
    all us millions of dollars.Security on hatteras ferry ain’t there!Yes we sell you a vendor
    pass and never check for drivers license. Who knows what they are bringing over.
    Free pass for a fee!!!Where is my tax dollars going?For somebody to walk around for maybe
    4 minutes. Get rid of Goodwin!!!!!! Then get some real security which we all are already paying
    for.Hatteras ferry needs a Big overhaul!

  2. Surely if so many GOOD men lost their jobs for playing cards last summer this is a fireable offense..not just suspension..I mean you would think playing cards is something to get a suspension over, not breaking and entering an employees home while on the clock…Wonder what Mr Goodwin will decide with this one?? And now this man is driving a state vehicle burning state gas every day to hatterass and back..I have nothing against Mr Blevins and he was actually very nice and professional when I met him, but come on now mr Goodwin..a lot of folks are watching this one..Those dozen men who were fired over a suspendable offense, some never had a blip on their record and something like this done on company time in a company vehicle tthat the good peoples taxes pay for is not even considered a suspendable offense to these people? I’d like to be able to understand their reasoning but its kinda hard, and just goes to prove the saying that common sense isn’t very common anymore…must be a bigwig huh? Seeing as he hadn’t even been employed there a year and some of the men fired for a card game were near retirment…things that make ya go hmmm

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