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By Peter Vankevich

Of 142 students eligible for the honor roll at Ocracoke School, 89 students in grades three to 12, or 63 percent, made the honor roll for the second nine-week semester. Thirty-eight of the students received all A’s.

“Our kids work at it and it’s evident in their grades and the success they have in classroom,” said School Principal Walt Padgett about this achievement.  “It helps that the teachers work hard to make sure they are successful as well. But the kids and the parents have to put the effort in to what the kids do grading period after grading period.”

A total of 188 children are enrolled in the school, including grades pre-K to senior year.

WITN-TV (Greenville), in their weekly Teacher of the Week feature Wednesday by reporter Heather King, covered the story and had an interesting twist as Padgett nominated all of the teachers at the school as Teacher of the Week. This video was produced by Tom Burruss who is also producing a documentary on the Lady Dolphins basketball season.  To view this feature, click here.

Ocracoke School students who received all A’s.



Ocracoke School students who received all A’s and B’s.




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