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The Ocracoke Child Care Center has been educating children on the island for many years. It is a non-profit organization and maintains a five-star rating.

The center, on Old Beach Road, is bright and clean and cheery, filled with the sounds of children playing.

Director DeAnna Locke works tirelessly for the center, usually averaging at least 65 hours per week. Locke is working in the classroom full-time right now but really needs some office time to prepare for inspections and accreditations.

In addition to DeAnna, Jessica Brickey is the lead teacher in the “baby class.” Jessica is amazing, seeming to have eight arms like an octopus at times.

The standards are high at OCC with much disinfecting, hand washing and cleaning every day. There are lesson plans, fire drills, naps, books, art projects, outdoor play, snacks, lunches and so much more happening there.

But OCC needs your help.

They are in serious need of teachers. Full-time, part-time and substitutes are all needed. If you have experience or have just always wanted to work with small children, give Locke a call.

Do you have your own small child? Then this may be the perfect place for you to work. Imagine working somewhere that your child could come with you every day.

One of the play rooms in the Ocracoke Child Care Center.

There are many children waiting to enjoy OCC but there have to be teachers in place to accommodate them.

If you have any interest at all, please give Locke a call at 252-928-4131to set up an appointment.

OCC has a “wish list” of items they could use:

*Small desk, or table that could be used as an adult-size desk

*Several sheets of lattice

*Old wash cloths (they just need to be hemmed with no frayed edges)

*Balls for playground (assorted sizes and types)

*VOLUNTEERS to help with various maintenance, organizational, and office projects

If you have any of these things to donate, give DeAnna a call at the above number, or e-mail her at

You can find OCC on Facebook by searching for Ocracoke Child Care Center.

Upcoming on Saturday, April 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., will be the Third Annual Clam Chowder Cook-off in the Ocracoke Community Center, a fundraiser for OCC.

At this popular event, island and visitor cooks may enter their traditional or innovative renditions of clam chowder for a chance to win the people’s choice award of the “Golden Clammy” trophy, which is a one-of-a-kind art piece created by Susan Dodd.


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