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The monthly meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. today, (June 5) in the Hyde County Government Center Multi-Use Room in Swan Quarter, and via teleconferencing in the Ocracoke Community Center.
The public is invited to attend and will have the opportunity to provide comments.
On the agenda will be the county manager’s  proposed two percent occupancy tax increase and his proposed FY 2017/2018 Hyde County Budget.
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  1. The occupancy tax increase is going for many more things than the tram Mark. Certainly some visitor infrastructure improvements as well as creating some shoulder season events and being able to market some of the events already in place.Your house should pick up a few more rentals.

  2. I hope someone in attendance will argue against the proposed occupancy tax increase on behalf of us out of town renters. My understanding is this increase will go towards paying for the new tram system that we will not be allowed to use. We already come to the island equipped to get around, the cost for this service should be absorbed by those that benefit from it, the day trippers themselves. Let them walk, rent a bike or cart, or pay a fee for a tram. That’s no different than getting around any other city or municipality.

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