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By Connie Leinbach

With Hyde County’s ratification of the recently passed ‘Brunch Bill’ in North Carolina, Brandon Benecki, a bartender at Howard’s Pub, will be able to serve alcoholic drinks to customers as soon as the restaurant opens on Sundays.

With the Hyde County commissioners’ passage Monday night of the “Brunch Bill” ordinance, Ocracoke restaurants and retail outlets will need less time on Sundays to watch the clock before alcohol sales may begin.

After Gov. Roy Cooper signed the “Brunch Bill” into law Friday, June 30, municipalities around the state began to enact ordinances ratifying the law which allows alcohol sales on Sundays to begin at 10 a.m. instead of noon.

The state law mandated that earlier sales were contingent on local approval. Town and city councils can make the change inside their borders, while county commissioners are in charge of any unincorporated areas. Since Hyde County has no incorporated municipalities, the county commissioners approved this ordinance effective

Jolly Roger Manager Alex Garrish is looking forward to serving adult beverages earlier on Sundays. Photo:. C. Leinbach


In Dare County, Several municipalities are taking up this issue as reported by the Outer Banks Voice.

County Manager Bill Rich told the commissioners at their meeting Monday night that 48 states have passed this law.

Howard’s Pub owner Ann Warner was happy. Since the Pub opens at 11 a.m. they can serve drinks immediately.

“We no longer have to watch the clock,” she said Tuesday. “It’s a win for the customers, the staff, the businesses and the county. ”

Variety Store proprietor Tommy Hutcherson said his staff is remaking their hand-written poster to say alcohol sales will begin at 10 a.m.

“We rope off the beer until then,” he said.

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