North end of Ocracoke. Photo: P. Vankevich

Our State magazine’s weekly podcast, Away Message, covered the blackout on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands this week.

Sam Walker from the Outer Banks Voice, Ocracoke Observer co-publisher Peter Vankevich and Books to Be Red owner Leslie Lanier were guests on the podcast, hosted by Our State senior writer/editor Jeremy Markovich.

To listen to the podcast:



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  1. What I’m dying to know: Most of all, the stories of neighbors helping neighbors, especially any frail folks helped by neighbors or others. Did everybody eat especially well because of cheap or free food about to go bad? How did you (or did you) manage to hold on to enough workers so you could hit “go” when the time came? Were babies born? (We know some were conceived, which will be your lead story in nine months.) Did the noise of generators disturb your usual peace? How did kids make use of this strangely empty (but not really) time? Were there crimes that broke your hearts (and, maybe, windows)? How was that night at Coyote’s Den? And how well did you all hang together as a community over this weird week — about what you expected, or better? Love you, dear people.

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