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As Hurricane Irma barrels into the Caribbean Islands and towards the United States, Puerto Rico and Florida have declared states of emergency.

At this time, Irma is clocking winds up to 130 mph, making it a powerful Category 4 storm.  Forecasting models from several agencies predict different tracks for the storm.

The next couple of days will yield more details on Irma’s direction, and there is the possibility that eastern North Carolina will have an impact this weekend–whether a tropical storm with high winds, surf, heavy rain and flooding, or worse.

All forecasting  models indicate the storm will at some point head north, with one model predicting landfall along the South and North Carolina border.

The National Hurricane Center will provide regular updates and we urge you to remain vigilant.  You may access their website by clicking here.

The Ocracoke Advisory Control Group will convene if necessary to determine whether Ocracoke or the entire county should be evacuated.  As more details become known, we will keep you informed.

Everyone should prepare now in case the island bears the full impact of a numbered category hurricane.

The Red Cross has a lot of important information on how to prepare for a hurricane emergency which is printed below.


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