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It’s not every winter that the island has extended freezing temperatures as it’s having this week, and, fortunately, the island was spared the brunt of winter storm Grayson.

Since the island in winter is just as beautiful as in the warm months, we share some photos of the beach and elsewhere taken the first week of 2018. 

Winter sky with sun dog. Photo: C. Leinbach
Sand formations sculpted by the wind at Southpoint. Photo: C. Leinbach
Another world in sand on Southpoint beach. Photo: C. Leinbach
A wind-sculpted piece of sand resembles a piece of agate. Photo: C. Leinbach
Spindrift captured by Ruth Fordon.
Ocean fury at Southpoint. Photo: Peter Vankevich
The Community Park ball field after the Jan. 4 snowfall. Photo by Jeffrey Dippold
The frozen ditch along Southpoint Road. Photo: C. Leinbach
A Great Egret takes wing on Southpoint Road. Photo: C. Leinbach
Sunset at South Point. Photo by Peter Vankevich
Springer’s Point, Jan. 6, 2018. Photo by Peter Vankevich
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  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing a side of Ocracoke that most of us would never get to see.

  2. It really is a beautiful sight/ site ! We visitors aren’t used to thinking about a frozen Ocracoke! But the beauty and natural marvels are there for those who venture out to witness them. Having lived on the Chesapeake Bay, I know some of the wonders a cold winter can bring. I thank you all who bring us these wonderful photos!

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