Gas pumps are back on as of Friday night at Ocracoke Station. Purchases are by credit card only at the pump. Photo: C. Leinbach

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By Connie Leinbach

After a week of being off, the gas pumps at the Ocracoke Station were turned back on Friday evening for credit card purchases at the pump only.

As Russell Sanderlin and Jesse Conner of Beasley Enterprises, Windsor, finished the installation, word had already spread, and islanders were filling their vehicles.

Beasley Enterprises owns the pumps and gas tanks, Sanderlin said.

“Everything’s working,” Sanderlin said.   If receipts don’t print at the pump, they can be obtained inside, he said.

Since the pumps are now credit card only, gas will be available any time of the day or night, Conner said.

Station owner Sean Death did not know when cash sales would resume.

“This is what we can do for now,” he said.

Since Conner turned off the pumps last Friday afternoon owing to nonpayment of the gasoline bill, islanders have been able to get gasoline at the Anchorage Marina.

The gas shutoff did not affect the rest of the station, and Death urged folks to patronize the breakfast and lunch operation, which is open until 1 p.m. each day.

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Jesse Conner and Russell Sanderlin of Beasley Enterprises make sure the emergency gas pump shut off is operable at Ocracoke Station. Photo: C. Leinbach


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