Channeled whelk found on Ocracoke. Photo by Peter Vankevich

The N.C. Shell Club will make its annual shelling trip to Ocracoke Friday, March 23 and Saturday, 24.

After the day spent scouring the beach, there will be meetings both nights at 7 p.m. in the Community Center and members of the public are invited to join them. For those interested, individual memberships are $15 per year, family $20.

John Timmerman holds the subfossil of a Scaphella junonia found by Amy Dick on last year’s adventure to Portsmouth Island. Photo by Peter Vankevich

Saturday evening, in addition to some great food and a shell silent auction, will feature islander Dave Frum who will talk about Portsmouth Island.  Frum worked for years as a National Park Service part-time employee responsible for maintenance of the village. He has seen the effects of hurricanes over the years.

Saturday, weather permitting, the group will head over to Portsmouth in search of rare shells. Saturday evening will feature a chili supper, a silent auction for prized shells and Dr. Doug Wolfe and his wife, Nancy, will talk about shells found on their visit to Thailand.

These talks are open to the public, and those who have in interest in the regional shells are encouraged to attend and sign up as members.

Founded in 1957, the club’s mission promotes scientific and educational interest in the collecting and the study of mollusks and allied fauna.

To read about Amy Dick’s superfind on Portsmouth Island last year, click here

For more information, check out their website and Facebook page..

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