Ocracoke, NC—The Ocracoke Civic & Business Association is seeking a full-time executive director and a part-time bookkeeper. 

The OCBA is a non-profit corporation on Ocracoke Island, NC., organized primarily to further the common good and general welfare of residents of and visitors to Ocracoke within the meaning of Section 501(c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. The OCBA provides marketing for Ocracoke Island, opportunities for contributors to improve their businesses and limited advocacy for island interests under contract with the Ocracoke Travel & Tourism Development Authority.

Job description for Executive Director:
The Executive Director of the OCBA functions as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. In this capacity, the Executive Director is responsible for administration of the overall operation of the corporation, including: reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities, overseeing finances, ensuring that contractual obligations are being fulfilled; assisting the President and Board of Directors in setting policy and program goals for each year.

Successful candidates will have strong organizational, administrative, and financial management skills as well as be comfortable in a hands-on role, willing to do the essential tasks necessary to meet the goals of the OCBA.

The Executive Director provides leadership and performs the following:

Execution of OCBA-Ocracoke Travel & Tourism Development Authority (OTTDA) Contract:

  • Oversees and implements all travel and tourism-related marketing as required and detailed in the OCBA-OTTDA Contract for such services (available upon request), including:
    • Submits to OTTDA for approval, which approval shall be in OTTDA’s sole discretion, an annual, detailed line item budget, and any subsequent amendments thereto, detailing the way the funds furnished by OTTDA to OCBA will be utilized during the then current fiscal year;
    • Provides quarterly reports and an annual report in writing to OTTDA concerning all travel and tourism related marketing as well as promotional activities and expenditures performed hereunder;
    • Produces and submits to OTTDA for approval a Strategic Marketing Plan for OTTDA, through sub-contract with a professional marketing firm approved by OTTDA, which approvals shall be in OTTDA’s sole discretion;
    • Upon approval of said Strategic Marketing Plan by OTTDA, implements said Plan;
    • Maintains, supplies, and staffs, as appropriate and as may be reasonably directed by OTTDA within budgetary restraints, a presentable Visitor’s Center in Ocracoke Village;
    • Markets and promotes any travel and tourism-related events identified and approved by OTTDA, such as 4th of July events and Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree;
    • Annually produces and distributes the Ocracoke Walking Map;
    • Insures that Ocracoke Township events identified by OTTDA are properly advertised and publicized utilizing, among other things, social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other formats or media;
    • Sufficiently maintains and refreshes, as necessary and appropriate, the http://www.visitocracokenc.com website as well as its integration with http://www.visitnc.com and any other appropriate digital or electronic platforms, including those identified by the OTTDA; and
    • Executes any other activities, programs, or initiatives reasonably deemed by OTTDA to be in furtherance of the purposes and intentions described by the OCBA-OTTDA contract for travel & tourism-related marketing.

Other Related Marketing:

  • Manages online SEO (search engine optimization);
  • Develops and maintains a positive public image of Ocracoke through media releases;
  • Serves as public relations contact for all travel writers;
  • Represents Ocracoke Island in a cooperative local, regional, and statewide promotional efforts; develops and maintains a positive relationship with the business community and maintains public awareness of tourism issues and advertising opportunities;
  • Commits to maintaining and strengthening industry knowledge by attending industry conferences, establishing professional networks and participating in industry development organizations;
  • Supervises and participates in familiarization tours for journalists, travel agents and tour operators;
  • Attends TDA/OCBA Board Meetings and assists in planning and coordination of special and annual events, including: 4th of July and Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree; and
  • Provides current and updated information to the press.


  • Ensures effective implementation of any OCBA-sponsored events;
  • Develops and maintains partnerships with local non-profit organizations, the local business community, surrounding communities and regional marketing organizations;
  • Develops and implements strategy for OCBA contributor recruitment, retention and expansion using GrowthZone Software. Maintains database of contributors, descriptions and online presentation of those businesses.  Trains businesses on utilizing marketing tools available;
  • Prepares monthly reports on ad negotiations and placements, basic inquiry data and website and social media statistics and audience analysis;
  • Manages the Administrative Assistant to include: assignment of their duties, day-to-day tasks and supervision of their work;
  • Works with the treasurer to create a yearly budget; monitor expense vs. budget; budget for events.  Supervises bookkeeping function and reviews and authorizes all expenditures.  Works with the treasurer and the Board of Directors of the OCBA to prepare yearly grant request to Occupancy Tax Board, typically due end of March; 
  • Picks up mail; checks; deposits; approving bills. Treasurer will continue to do bookkeeping for 2017-18 (to include paying bills, deposits, payroll);
  • In partnership with the OCBA Board, Serves as the face and voice of the Organization (to contributors, community, press, etc.);
  • Liaisons with the community and outside agencies/organizations/press people; and
  • Interacts with contributors and board members.


  • Candidates must be able to reside on Ocracoke full-time on Ocracoke within 3 months of taking position;
  • Marketing experience—10+ years’ experience in marketing or equivalent;
  • Degree – bachelor’s or above in Marketing or related field;
  • Computer skills/software: Word, Excel, QuickBooks; email; social media;
  • Experience working with budgets; managing expenditures, purchasing, & bookkeeping;
  • People/customer service skills—ability to interact with contributors, board members, visitors, travel writers, etc.; and
  • Ability to speak articulately and confidently in public as well as private settings


  • Experience managing a business; working in or managing a nonprofit; experience working with boards of directors/volunteers; experience organizing events.

Job description for part-time bookkeeper:

The bookkeeper for the OCBA is responsible for working with the Treasurer to manage the bookkeeping of the organization including managing accounts payable and receivable, bank deposits, reconciliations and other finance-related duties.

The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintaining records according to generally accepted accounting principles including the recording of general journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and reconciliation of bank statements;
  • Applying strong accounting skills, including A/P, A/R, purchasing backup, journal entries, and all bookkeeping through financial statement preparation;
  • Participating in activities needed to support the Board of Directors financial oversight of the organization: and
  • Performing other duties as assigned


  • Candidates must reside on Ocracoke;
  • Two or more years of office or bookkeeping experience;
  • A high-level of proficiency in the use of QuickBooks or related programs;
  • Strong knowledge of bookkeeping practices and procedures;
  • Accuracy and attention to detail is absolutely required, as well as a track record of reliability, confidentiality, and conscientious work habits;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Excel, Word and PowerPoint;
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision;
  • Ability to organize and prioritize effectively;
  • Attention to detail with exceptional level of accuracy;
  • Ability to interpret data; and
  • Ability to adapt and work efficiently in a rapidly changing dynamic environment with deadlines.

Interested applicants for the above jobs should send their resume and cover letter by April 25, 2018, to: Ocracoke Civic & Business Association, P.O. Box 456, Ocracoke, NC, 27960, or electronically to info@visitocracokenc.com.

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