SWARTHY FELINE. ‘Chester’ is named Blackbeard’s feline crew member. He is owned by the Whiteheart family of Winston-Salem.

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“Ahar, Chester!” says Blackbeard from beyond. “You’re me newest mate for me ship!”   

Eighty feline hopefuls from as far away as Italy waited anxiously as Blackbeard’s team chose the newest member for the pirate’s catty crew.  

The judges, from Ocracoke Island Realty, carefully searched through the cat photos for the most piratical-looking of cats to be the winner of the Blackbeard’s Cat contest, sponsored by Ocracats and held in honor of the 300th anniversary of the wily pirate’s undoing at the hands of Lt. Robert Maynard at Ocracoke Nov. 22, 1718.    

T-shirts with Chester’s piratical image will be sold at Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree, Oct. 25 to 28, to benefit OcraCats, the island nonprofit that cares for Ocracoke’s feral cats. The OcraCats booth will be located in Community Square along with food and beer vendors in what will be the Food Court & Beer Garden Friday and Saturday during the four-day festival.

Chester is cared for by the Whiteheart family–Rusty, Michelle and Stella–of Winston-Salem. 

Chesters piratical image is immortalized on T-shirts to be sold by OcraCats during Blackbeards Pirate Jamboree, Oct. 25 to 28, on Ocracoke, N.C. Design by Jesse Davis
Chester’s piratical image is immortalized on T-shirts to be sold by OcraCats during Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree, Oct. 25 to 28. Design by Jesse Davis
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  1. Good choice, OIR! A more purrfect piratical-looking cat would be hard to find. Jesse did a wonderful job with the logo too!

  2. How may an off islander purchase the T shirt with Chester as Blackbeard’s Cat?? I would like to do so. Nina R. Skinner please email directions so I may order the shirt. Thank you

    • Hi Nina, thank you for your inquiry. Blackbeard’s Cat T-shirts will be available with on-line ordering through Ocracats. Ocracats is setting up this process now. Check in with the Ocracats FB page for details soon.

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