Editor’s note: Chris Williams met the legal requirements to run as a write-in candidate for the Swan Quarter Township county commissioner seat. He has provided the Ocracoke Observer a statement on why he is running.

Chris Williams

I am from Swan Quarter and have been in business for myself since I was 13 years old. I own Chris’ Grocery in Swan Quarter and the Red & White Grocery in Engelhard in addition to a hardware store and laundromat all located in Hyde County. I employ over 20 people in Hyde County full time.

Many people may wonder why I would choose to run for the Swan Quarter Township Board of Commissioner’s seat. The answer is simply because of my love of Hyde County and my desire to hold on to the things we hold dear while at the same time striving to make things better. I truly want what is best for the good people that live here.

I want to run a campaign based on togetherness and not divisiveness. To show everyone that we are better and stronger united together and weaker when torn apart.  To focus on the positive aspects of our communities and grow on our strengths instead of tearing each other down and focusing on weaknesses.

My business experience has taught me what it takes to make a business successful in Hyde County. I believe it is important that our county leaders have experience and success in creating, owning and operating small businesses. Many people may have what sound like good ideas, but talk is cheap, and ideas are only worth the hard work and investment it takes to make them reality.

I also know that no one can make success happen on their own. It takes partnerships with other small business owners, churches, volunteer fire departments, and local and state officials and staff to grow yourself, your business and your community.

I support our local youth programs by contributing to Hyde County recreational sports programs, 4H camps and many other youth activities. I believe that Hyde County must invest in young leaders and young people to grow and remain viable. I believe youth programs in Hyde County have grown in the last 10 years and want to be a part of continuing that momentum and striving to offer even more opportunities.

Being a small business owner, I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that we cannot promise to increase services and not increase taxes. I will not offer everyone the world and tell them not to expect to pay for it. But I will promise that I will be fiscally responsible and treat our public trust funds as carefully as I do my own by making wise financial decisions.  I know how hard our tax payers work to make the ends meet and I will honor that hard work and dedication with every decision I make.

I appreciate and support our volunteer fire departments, our law enforcement, our paramedics and EMTs, our health care providers, service workers, volunteers, civic groups, small business owners, farmers, fishermen and county and state employees. Those are the people that make the wheels in this county turn and I will respect those that provide service to others by making decisions to build those up that build our communities up in turn.

Why am I so late in the political game? Why did I not run in the primary? Because I am a small business owner not a politician. But I also love Swan Quarter and Hyde County and I know it is my duty to try to lead our home into a safe and secure future. A future that continues to build on our successes. A future that is financially stable and represents a solid place for tomorrow’s youth to set their feet.

I do not believe we can achieve this type of success by continually tearing down what has been achieved because of political differences. Instead, I believe we can build on the strong foundation created by the generations before us to make an even stronger and greater Hyde County.


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